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At Garner & Garner, P.A., we understand that divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences that a family may face. Divorce and family law issues can be confusing and frightening as you try to establish a new reality for yourself and your children. Divorce cases can be serious and complex, so it is critical to have a compassionate and aggressive attorney on your side. You don't have to navigate through the difficult processes alone; let us provide you with personalized dedicated assistance.

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During such a difficult time, it is vital that you have the legal guidance and support of a skilled attorney. When you secure our representation, you will find a team that has been helping individuals and families with all types of family legal matters since 1985. We use our skills and experience to help create certainty and stability for you and your family.

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Divorce and other family law situations are, to a great degree, about making decisions regarding the future and what life will look like for you and your children. The decisions that you make about child custody, child support, and other such issues are laying the ground rules for your future. We will help you understand the impact that these decisions can have on your life and counsel you to make wise choices throughout the process.

Our responsibility, once you have set your goals, is to pursue these goals with all of the tools available to us. These tools may include negotiation outside of the courtroom in an effort to help you resolve your legal issues with a less stressful and more cost-effective approach. In some cases, it may mean aggressive representation in the courtroom, where necessary, to ensure that your rights are protected and your case is in a favorable position.

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When it is you and your family's future on the line, you simply can't settle for anything less than the best. We therefore encourage you to reach out and contact our team. We offer a free initial consultation in-office so that you can discuss your case with a family lawyer.

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